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What is email marketing?

Email marketing is the act of sending your promotional materials, information and announcements to your customers, clients and contacts.?Our email marketing service provides an efficient and scaleable way to get your message in front of the people who care about it the most, and provides the ability to quantify your return on sending out marketing materials.

Existing customers and contacts are some of the best advocates for your business, and keeping the dialogue open?provides opportunities to build brand loyalty, remind,?persuade, sell, upsell, or just share your views and opinions with a captive audience. All of these objectives can provide tangible returns for your business, and by using email marketing and analytics insights, you can track the business revenue gained from these activities.

The email marketing service is data-driven. Using your industry, customer and website data, we can work with you to determine the tone, style, colour, timing and specificity of your marketing emails to drive the most revenue.

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Mailing list building

The email marketing experts will use their research and knowledge alongside your expertise and insights to help you build your mailing list. We have a wide?variety of methods to entice internet users?to join your mailing list, and the research we carry out allows us to target and bring in subscribers who are active, engaged and willing to listen to your company’s message.

We take great pride in maintaining quality mailing lists for our clients, and regularly review subscriber quality to ensure we are always talking to people that actually want to listen.

We appreciate that receiving unwanted email marketing material can frustrate receivers and can ultimately damage brands. We strictly avoid spamming practices; we follow industry best practice with our campaigns, enabling end users to change their mailing preferences/unsubscribe, while ensuring that Client mailing lists retain only quality information. We will, for example, remove any email addresses that are no longer valid.

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Template building

Using our technical and design knowledge, we can advise on and create email marketing templates for you that will engage and delight your mailing list.

Whether you are promoting a product range, a new service, an interesting article, an event, or anything else that comes to mind, we can help entice?your subscribers to complete your campaign goal.

Our templates incorporate your branding and company message to ensure a consistent experience for your customers throughout your website and other media.

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Customer engagement

The key to turning subscribers into customers is interesting and valuable content, and our email team will work with you and your business to ensure that your email content – both written and visual – brings value to your business and your subscribers.

In combination with other digital marketing tools, we are able to gauge the level of engagement our emails obtain and learn how to use them to best effect. We use multivariate and split testing to gauge reader reactions to multiple elements of a marketing email, from the subject line to the images. Based on our findings, we ensure that we send out only the most high-quality product most guaranteed to engage readers. In addition to this, we also receive reports which let us know who has interacted with the emails by following links, and, by extension, which campaigns have been more successful than others.

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Marketing automation

Automated emails have the potential to target your customers at all stages of their conversion journey. From sending out a helpful welcome email as soon as a subscriber joins your list, to abandoned cart recovery, to triggering an email based on a visitor reaching a key page on your site, we can use our data-driven strategy to ensure you keep in touch with your customers and make them feel valued at all times of the day and night.

Marketing automation is most commonly used for e-commerce websites, where it is relatively straightforward to detect when a customer could benefit from a well-timed message to help them make a purchase. Our methods also work for service providers, helping to identify where your potential customers are up to in their journey to engage your services and?fitting seamlessly into your sales workflow. Our preferred email marketing platforms can also integrate into?the most popular CRM’s out there, allowing email follow-ups to be triggered automatically after a customer has made contact with a sales agent, or re-visited your website after a period of inactivity.

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Email strategy

Working with you and your team, we will form an email marketing strategy focused around the metrics that will bring you the most return. Our data analysis will identify which days of the week customers are most receptive to emails, what time of day is best to catch them, and the content they find most useful.

With larger subscriber bases, we will work with you to identify customer interest groups and ensure that marketing materials are personalised to their interests and activities, keeping content relevant and interesting to your subscribers, and ensuring your mailing list continues to be?engaged with your business.

All this is used to form an email marketing strategy for your business that is adaptable, achievable and impactful.

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