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What is CRO?

Standing for Conversion Rate Optimisation, CRO is about increasing (or optimising) the rate that visitors convert into customers. So, the higher a proportion of your visitors that buy something during their visit, the higher the conversion rate.

Put as simply as that, it’s obvious why CRO is so important for websites. But what does this process involve?

We begin by looking at how people interact with your website. One of the important steps here is to identify friction points – things that cause potential customers to decide not to buy from you.

Friction points can be almost anything:

  • Site content – pictures might inspire doubts, and the text on the pages might not appeal.
  • Site layout – if it’s awkward to browse or follow, visitors won’t want to persevere. They’ll look elsewhere.
  • Site colours – if your website is difficult to read, visitors will look somewhere else.
  • Links and buttons – if these are badly labelled they can discourage potential customers.
  • Checkout – for ecommerce sites, it’s important that when you want to buy it’s easy, and also that it feels secure.

Alongside friction points, it’s also important to see if your site is missing opportunities. If your site has a page that’s extra effective at persuading visitors to buy but there’s no easy way to make the purchase from that page, your opportunity may be lost.

The way visitors use websites changes as time goes on, so CRO should be an ongoing process, watching to see if new friction points emerge or if new opportunities arise.

CRO can be particularly effective when combined with SEO or PPC campaigns, bringing in more potential customers while also encouraging each one to buy.

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CRO and UX Analysis

Using Google Analytics and other data platforms, we look at how each part of your website is performing, asking how, when, and why visitors convert – and, just as importantly, how, when, and why they choose not to.

We’ll also sit down and attempt to order, submit an enquiry, or otherwise “convert” from your site ourselves (or with third-party testers) – because this is still the best available way to test for difficulties in converting.

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CRO and UX Competitor Research

In all aspects of digital marketing, it’s important to keep your competitors – and industry leaders in your sector – in mind. By looking at what they’re doing, we can identify what customers in your sector expect from a website.

We see what makes your site stand out in comparison to your peers, good and bad, and can produce a roadmap to follow for long-term improvements.

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CRO and UX Strategy

Working with you and your team, we’ll develop an ongoing strategy for CRO which takes into account all available data and your business goals. We can prioritise the work to be done, taking your business resources and budget into account, ensuring you receive the maximum ROI from our strategy, and continue to adapt it as circumstances evolve.

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Working with Web Developers

We have plenty of experience in working with web development companies and we’ll happily work with your preferred firm to implement the required technical changes and troubleshoot them.

If you’d prefer, we can also do some of this work ourselves, and we work closely with several agency partners whose expertise we can recommend according to your requirements.

We’re used to building friendly relationships with developers, making sure that everyone has a clear role and remit when it comes to your website and its success. We’re comfortable with web development jargon and happy to liaise between you and your developer should it become necessary.

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CRO / UX Audits and Reports

After assessing your situation we’ll compile an extensive report detailing all of our CRO recommendations if that’s what you’d prefer, or we can work with you in an ongoing capacity, continually refining and testing your site using ongoing data collection and live user behaviour.

In either case, all reporting will be delivered with clear action points and instructions for all involved, and in accessible language. We’ll also be happy to discuss in more detail as and when needed.

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